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Looking At China's Economic Momentum From The Barometer Of Foreign Trade
Aug 02, 2017

                             Looking at China's economic momentum from

                                     the "barometer" of foreign trade


China's import and export volume grew by 21.8% in the first quarter, showing brisk performance". For this year's foreign trade situation, how do enterprises look? How to achieve better development in the frequent international environment of "black swan"? "The Belt and Road" initiative to bring new business opportunities which develop?

In a foreign trade "barometer" of the 121st session of the Canton Fair, interviewed a number of foreign trade enterprises, through the enterprise to pick up orders, innovation enthusiasm, and growing strength, feeling China economic clout.

Business orders generally warmer, refraction economy spring"

As of 27, the 121st Canton Fair has more than half of the process, the reporter felt in the interview, no matter from exhibitors flow or enterprise orders, companies are generally optimistic about the import and export situation positive attitude. In the famous Guangdong ceramics enterprise group Limited by Share Ltd Monalisa booth, exhibitors staff told Li Jiexian said, this is he took part in the most tired one session of the Canton Fair, the number of booth inquiry and customer quality are much stronger than last year. "You can feel that buyers of Chinese building materials products continue to improve the heat."." For the "warmth" of foreign trade, many companies are experiencing an increase in orders. "Orders in the first half or small growth, the second half of the orders on the rise a lot."." Guangdong Jin Yuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Center Deputy General Manager Wen said that the beginning of recruitment has not been so much, and now feel the hands are not enough.

The first quarter economic data also revealed the good trend of foreign trade stabilization. According to the National Bureau of statistics released on the previous data, the first quarter of this year, China's total import and export growth of 21.8%. The contribution of net exports of goods and services to economic growth amounted to 4.2%, and from negative to positive. Business orders increase, not only reflects the "warmth" of foreign trade, but also reflects the exuberant domestic consumer market. Reporters learned that some import and export enterprises began to shift more energy to the domestic market, because the domestic demand is large, and the consumption upgrade trend is obvious, is "a big cheese."".

Innovation does not stop, the innovation of the enterprise "a tiger with wings added"

The increase in orders, on the one hand, some recovery in the international market, on the other hand is due to enterprises in product upgrades on the efforts. Founded in 1956, Beijing Enamel Factory Co. Ltd. is the cloisonne industry only a "China Time-honored", now to the international market of this enterprise, is not only the consumer very familiar with handmade ornaments, it is suitable for the hotel, the airport and the venue of the cloisonne decoration materials and process. This transformation also allows the company's business volume to a new level. The company's sales staff at the Canton Fair told reporters that the opening of the two phase of the Canton Fair, the first day, there was a Hongkong customer signed a large order of about about 9000000 yuan.

In the face of uncertain international environment, innovation, not only for export enterprises to eat a reassurance, has become the heart of the key enterprise customers capture. In Haier hall, both moisturizing and can protect dry wet and dry sub storage refrigerator, high-speed operation can set up the Amethyst washing machine, coin end comfortable air conditioners and other innovative products air conditioning mechanical wind of the times, to attract overseas businessmen to stop a long time.

In recent years, under the efforts of foreign trade "turning power and adjusting structure", the pace of China's foreign trade innovation, development, transformation and upgrading is accelerating. With high technology and high added value for the characteristics of the product export market has become more and more "xiangbobo". Vice Minister of Commerce Fang Aiqing said that foreign trade enterprises should aim at market demand and market trend, through innovation, grasp the leading edge of the core technology, to produce new products of high quality, personalized, environmental protection, green, energy-saving, promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade China.

Accelerate the pace of international layout, use the "The Belt and Road" to break new ground

In recent years, with the continuous enhancement of China manufacturing "multinational layout capabilities, especially by Dongfeng The Belt and Road", to carry out international cooperation capacity, "Chinese manufacturing" is accelerating to China investment, more and more prominent international norm". In Haier, Midea and other well-known large enterprises on the booth, to see China's enterprises mergers and acquisitions of Toshiba, GM and other global brands of its various types of products, has become commonplace "commonplace."". At the same time, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are interested in cross-border M & A and layout. The export volume of 20 million dollars in Dezhou Zhen Hua Decoration Glass Co., through increased investment and intelligent transformation of research and development, in the world of decorative glass industry leading position, a Italy enterprises have the initiative to come to seek acquisitions, hoping to sell its factory in Czech to Zhen Hua. Xing Huating, deputy general manager of the company, said: "we have begun to consider acquisitions, but also ready to enter the U. S. market has never been involved.". Facts have proved that, as long as we persist in innovation, the manufacturing sector will have a new world of hope."

The overseas market to sell kitchenware mainly to the Shenzhen City Sanjin LIAN electric appliance Limited company mainly in Europe and the United States, his Li general manager of the company said, "Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt 'The Belt and Road" countries along the area is very big to our product demand, but in addition to the product, they wanted us to plant and build a production base to go there the company may consider the layout of the next." Reporters also found that enterprises develop the "The Belt and Road" market is to the chain, further development. The market distribution extends from the point to line shape, cooperation from trade in goods and services and capital to expand cooperation.

It is understood that to participate in the Canton Fair