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How to Choose the Right Apron for Your Needs
Aug 01, 2017


An apron is a garment designed to be a protective layer that covers the front of the body. It is derived from the French word "naperon," which means napkin or small tablecloth. Originally, they were worn by men that worked in trades, which were denoted by the color of the apron. Later, women homemakers used them and they were designed to hold small implements and to keep clothing clean. Today, there are many professions and hobbies that sometimes require the use of an apron to protect the body or clothing from damage or harm. The style of aprons has also changed and they can now be a personal fashion choice or statement, based on the individually that is put into them.

Since aprons have a variety of uses in domestic or commercial environments, they can be made from many different materials. In some professions, they are necessary safety tools and are designed as such. They also have different styles depending on the intended use and whether the wearer needs to be fully covered or not. The uses of an apron may have changed over the years but the styles have not. This guide can help buyers choose the right kind of apron for their needs that also fits their personal style.

Uses for Around-the-Waist Aprons

Aprons are the best way to protect clothing from being damaged during different tasks. There are many different types of aprons to choose from depending on the intended use and there are pros and cons to each type. Here is a listing of the various types of aprons available.

Carpenter's Apron

carpenter ' s apron is designed to protect clothing and the body while working on construction tasks. It also doubles as a storage and carrying device since these aprons contain many pockets where tools and construction implements can be stored. These aprons are typically made of a heavy material such as canvas or denim and can sometimes contain loops on the sides where tools can be hung while working.

Welder's Apron

welder ' s apron is designed to protect clothing and the body while welding with flame. These aprons are designed to withstand the heat and flame of welding as well as the sparks that fly off. These aprons contain many pockets that are designed to hold tools such as pencils, pliers, wrenches, and nails while working.

Chemist's Apron

Chemist ' s aprons are necessary safety tools when working in the lab since they are designed to protect the wearer from the harsh chemicals they are handling in case of a spill or splash. These aprons are typically coated with acrylic emulsions, liquid polymers, or rubber to protect against chemicals and alkali. These aprons should be worn by anyone that handles chemicals or pesticides as part of their daily work.

Lead Apron

lead apron is a safety tool used by X-Ray technicians to protect their bodies from radiation. These aprons are also worn by patients when X-Rays are taken to protect sensitive areas of the body from radiation exposure. These aprons are designed to fit in different areas since the area being X-Rayed is different for each patient. Care should be taken when storing lead aprons to prevent cracks from developing in the lead of the apron since they are an important safety tool.

Chef's Apron

Chef's or cook ' s aprons are designed to protect clothing from the many different food items, sauces, or grease they may come into contact with while cooking. These aprons are also designed to work as a bacterial shield and help protect food from contamination by coming into contact with the chef. They are often made of a strong, durable, and washable fabric since many food stains must be able to come out during the wash. A chef's apron also works as a means of storage and allows the user to keep notes, pencils, or other tools at all times.

Gardener's Apron

gardening apron is designed to protect clothing while digging in the dirt or working in the garden. These aprons are often designed from study material that is easily washable since it comes into contact with many substances, such as dirt, plants, or other organic material. Gardening aprons usually have many pockets for storing tools while working, like gloves, or items such as seed packets.

Home Use

Many homemakers and stay-at-home parents use aprons as part of their daily clothing since it can help protect from art project against stains when doing household chores. A comfortable apron in a washable fabric with pockets is recommended since it contacts many types of materials over the course of the day.

Apron Styles

Apron styles over the years have not really changed and there are different styles available depending on the intended use of the apron. The main difference is whether the body needs to be fully covered or not. Here is a table that helps explain the different styles of aprons available and their features.

Apron Style



Full apron styled like a jumper dress that is sleeveless with ties or buttons in the back; comes up to the neck; shoulder straps are typically wide


Covers both the front and back of the body; fastens on the sides with ties or buttons


Simple garment with kimono-style sleeves; usually no fasteners


Covers the upper body in the front; ties at the waist; slim halter-style loop ties behind the neck


Similar to bib but resembles a tuxedo; usually worn by restaurant waiters


Simple half-apron; ties at the waist; no bib top; can come in a full length or knee-height

As you can see, there are many styles of apron available depending on how much of the body needs to be covered. These aprons can come in many different fabrics or materials and can be embellished with personal style items such as monogramming or different color choices for the fabric and trim. Using an apron can help keep clothing looking neat and clean while working on projects that are messy.

Keeping Aprons Fashionable

Since aprons have been around for hundreds of years, it is difficult to think of them as being a fresh or modern garment. However, there are many ways that buyers can make aprons fit into their personal style. Since the way people dress is a reflection on how they feel, most people want to feel good about their apron if they are required to wear one. The first place to start would be the color of the fabric. Aprons can be made in a number of colors and prints so they fit with other clothing. Pockets, trim, or ruffles can be added to make the apron unique or more feminine. Embroidery can be used to monogram a name or title so the wearer is easily identified on the job. These are all ways that aprons can be used to express a sense of style.

Buying an Apron on Honest

Once you have determined the type of apron you wish to buy, you can begin looking for one that you like that suits your needs. A large selection of aprons, no matter the use, is available from sellers all over the world on Honest. Finding a style and type that you like is not be difficult.

Searching for Aprons on Honest

If you already know what kind and type of apron you are looking for, you can use the search box at the top of any page to search for it using keywords such as "bib gardener ' s apron." This gives you all the auction results that match those keywords. If you would like a more refined search, you can use the Advanced Search tool, which gives you more criteria to enter. Once you have some listings to view, you can narrow them down using the on-page navigation until you find what you are looking for.


Today, aprons are a common sight in many different professions and have become a tool as well as a means of protection. For people that want to have clean clothes and still perform a messy task, an apron is the best way to keep yourself looking neat. Depending on the fabric and the amount of coverage, an apron can be a valuable safety garment or means of keeping clean while working. Aprons are a garment that most likely never goes out of style and you are able to choose a number of personal fashion choices in a garment that is mostly functional.

Since there are so many types of aprons available, it is not hard to find one to fit your particular style. Aprons can be solid, printed, colorful, drab, personalized, monogrammed, embroidered, embellished, and altered. It all depends on what you want to do and how you intend to use the apron. No matter what type of apron needed or kind of style desired, buyers can find a large selection of aprons for sale on eBay. Doing your research is an excellent way to purchase any item and get the best deal.

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